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    Basic CPR Certification Requirements

    Dr. Mary Williams, RN, DC

    About the author

    Dr. Mary Williams, RN, DC

    Dr. Mary Williams, R.N., D.C is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an extensive background as a Registered Nurse and experienced Core Instructor for the American Heart Association. She has over 30 years of hands-on medical and instructional experience.

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    Numerous professions demand CPR training and certification. However, even people who do not need to use CPR professionally should think about becoming CPR-certified. A report compiled by the American Heart Association estimates the global death rate for heart disease at 17.3 million annually. Sudden cardiac arrest is a top killer in the United States. If a cardiac event happens, most victims do not get the cardiopulmonary resuscitation needed from a bystander because people often don’t know what to do in this medical emergency. By the time paramedics arrive, it’s often too late to save a victim. Learning adult first aid and becoming CPR-certified is not difficult. Anyone wanting to learn these skills can get the necessary training. After satisfying CPR certification requirements, you will know what to do in a medical emergency.

    The American Heart Association has guidelines and requirements for basic life support and emergency cardiovascular care. Taking classes with an AHA-certified instructor like ours ensures that you will learn about these guidelines. Courses also include training to perform life-saving techniques. CPR Certified offers online classes at your convenience with video training and instructors certified by the AHA. BLS training and CPR certification and recertification from CPR Certified uses the actual, hands-on medical expertise of instructors to teach life-saving methods. Our curriculum was developed by a professional CPR instructor licensed by the AHA.

    BLS training requires that you first examine the course and curriculum carefully. Learn important information on our website by exploring our frequently asked questions. At CPR Certified, we have based our entire curriculum on AHA standards. Upon completion of the course and certification, you will receive a card that verifies your skills. This card is accepted by organizations around the world, including the American Heart Association, the InterAmerican Heart Foundation, and the European Resuscitation Council.

    Learn to Save a Life

    It’s possible to attain certification in as little as 45 minutes. That’s because our courses are designed to teach you exactly what you need to know in the most concise way. We know you don’t have time to waste, so our videos demonstrate skills and techniques you need to master. Feel free to play, pause, and even skip over information if you already know it as you progress through the modules. After learning all of the information, you can proceed to the testing phase. Testing can occur at any time, and you will receive immediate results of your test. If issues occurred and you don’t pass the first time, don’t worry: You can retake the test as many times as necessary without incurring extra fees. And while many students prefer to progress through the entire process online, we do offer the option to schedule an in-person test with a licensed instructor in your specific area if you choose.

    Once you pass the test, you will receive your certificate immediately. You can print your certificate right away, enabling you to show it to an employer if necessary. A certification card for your wallet will come in the mail a few days later to complete the process. When you receive the certification card, we know you’ll be impressed. Our cards are made of high-quality vinyl, making them both sturdy and waterproof. These cards are a professional representation of your training and certification.

    If you’re ready to begin training to satisfy CPR certification requirements, we are ready to help you attain your goals. Simply create an account with us by providing very basic information. Choose the course you want and submit your request. After we receive your registration, study can begin immediately. At CPR Certified, we are so confident that you will succeed that we offer a satisfaction guarantee for all courses. Get started today!


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