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    CPR Renewal Online

    Get Recertified - and Get Back to Your Life.

    Some healthcare professionals use CPR frequently on the job. Others don’t use these skills every day—but they still need current certification. And if you’re ever called upon to save someone’s life with CPR, you’ll be very glad you kept your skills current with online CPR renewal using an AHA-compliant curriculum. Getting your CPR renewal online ensures that your knowledge, skillset, and general practice are up to date with current CPR standards and that you make the right move in an emergency.

    Online CPR Recertification & Renewal

    Every two years, in all 50 states, you have to renew your CPR certification in compliance with the guidelines offered by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross.  Generally, if your CPR certification is set to expire within the next six months, it’s time to think about recertification, particularly the convenience of CPR renewal online.

    Begin Now

    However, for busy professionals, finding the time to get recertified can be a challenge. Employer acceptance can also be unpredictable. All employers accept CPR cards from the American Heart Association and the Red Cross; however, these programs both require a weekend of classes and in-person evaluations for those who want to renew CPR certification. For scheduling reasons, online CPR certification and recertification is often a better option for full-time professionals.

    That’s why it’s so important to choose the right recertification program—one that adheres to AHA and ECC / ILCOR guidelines and has a strong track record of acceptance by employers. Not all online CPR recertification programs boast this record, but our online program is endorsed by an almost limitless number of providers.

    There are many reasons why getting your CPR renewal online is beneficial, but here are some of the biggest incentives you’ll find when taking our classes:

    An Employer-Approved Program.

    Our CPR renewal online classes are accepted by more employers than any other independent CPR training program in the country, and with good reason. Several nationwide health care companies had a hand in reviewing, evaluating, and shaping our recertification curriculum to make sure it satisfies their stringent needs, and the needs of employers throughout the country. We listened to employers when developing our CPR recertification online curriculums—to make sure we got it right.

    A Record of Acceptance Nationwide

    Our cards are widely accepted throughout all 50 states, as well as internationally in over 60 countries. That’s because we follow both AHA guidelines and ILCOR international standards for professional CPR instruction. 

    We have established strong relationships with both national and state licensing boards, as well as employers across many different industries, to ensure we meet exacting requirements for acceptance. Our cards are accepted by industries with the highest standards, including healthcare.

    A Highly Knowledgeable Instructor

    All our online lessons are taught by Dr. Mary Williams, R.N., D.C. She’s a Doctor of Chiropractic, Registered Nurse, and Core Instructor for the American Heart Association. She also holds a Director of Staff Development Certification from the State of California, requiring over 4,000 hours of clinical experience.

    Dr. Williams develops our curricula and training programs, and delivers all our training. She’s the most credentialed and qualified instructor you’ll find in any online CPR training program. Her expertise has helped thousands of people learn CPR and other basic lifesaving skills over the years—including other healthcare professionals. 

    Convenience for Employers

    Managing recertifications for a large workforce can be a challenging job—and we’ve worked hard to make the process easier.

    Our employer dashboard is designed to make it easy for managers to enroll large numbers of employees and oversee credentialing and recertification—including automated reminders when it’s time to recertify.

    Easy and Convenient Online Learning

    Our online CPR certification training videos are designed for busy professionals. Our programs are quick and highly effective, enabling you to earn your certification in as little as 30 minutes.

    We’ve put time, resources and expertise into scripting, production value, and design to ensure that even complex concepts are presented in a way that helps our students learn and retain information. We offer extra content including remedial study materials that help you brush up on the skills you need—while allowing you to skip ahead over concepts you already know.

    We’re confident that you’ll find learning with us easy, fun, and convenient. Taking a CPR renewal course online allows us to work around your schedule and make sure you’re getting the most out of the provided knowledge and information as possible.

    We Guarantee Employer Acceptance.

    Our card is widely accepted both nationwide and internationally, by employers in every industry. That’s because we work closely with nationwide healthcare organizations and regulating bodies to develop our curriculums according to their standards.

    However, in the rare instance that your employer does not accept our card, we’ll give you a 100% refund—no questions asked. Just let us know within thirty days of purchase.

    The Ferrari of Wallet Cards.

    It might sound like a trivial detail—but studies have shown that the quality of your card makes an unquestionable impression on employers. Companies are more likely to accept a professional-looking certification card than a low-quality one—even if it’s from the AHA.

    We’re here to help you get your CPR recertification quickly, affordably, and easily. Contact us today for more information on our renowned CPR renewal program.