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Many Americans are required to learn CPR and keep their certification current as part of their employment. But the place where you’re most likely to use the skills you learn in CPR certification classes is in the home. That’s because approximately 88% of all cardiac arrests occur at home, not at the workplace or even in a hospital. Unless you work in the health care field, you’re statistically more likely to need those CPR skills to save the life of a loved one at home — not a stranger, customer, or a fellow professional in the workplace.

Even so, approximately 70% of Americans do not feel confident administering CPR on another person, either because they’ve never taken a CPR class online or they’ve neglected to take the necessary courses to receive recertification. That in itself is a tragedy — but it’s a preventable one. You can start today by taking a basic CPR online course or updating your certification.

Seven Reasons to Take CPR Certification Classes Online

  • Cardiac arrest doesn’t just happen to the old or infirm. It can happen to anyone, at any time.
  • Almost 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital every year—four out of five of them at home.
  • If you need to use your CPR skills, it will most likely be for a loved one at home.
  • African-Americans are two times as likely to be victims of cardiac arrest as Caucasians, and are two times as likely not to survive.
  • When a bystander provides CPR as soon as a cardiac arrest occurs, the patient’s chances of survival are doubled or tripled.
  • Only 32% of cardiac arrest victims receive CPR treatment from a bystander, and only 8% of those who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive.
  • Hands-only CPR is quick and easy to learn—and just as effective in saving lives—as mouth-to-mouth CPR.

If you take online CPR classes, you’ll be learning a life-saving skill and doing your part to improve the chances of survival for cardiac arrest victims outside of the home. Even more importantly, the life you save with your AHA-certified CPR skills is most likely to be a loved one’s. If you’re wondering where to get CPR certified, CPR Certified is your answer!

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