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Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are designed to help give you a better understanding of courses and policies.

What happens if I fail the test?

You'll get a breakdown of which answers you missed to help you study for next time. You can retake the test as many times as you need to. Back to Top

What if my employer doesn't accept this type of certification?

Our program is a AHA-trained instructor and accepted nationwide-so it's unlikely you'll have this problem. However, if you are unsatisfied with the training for any reason, you can get a refund-as long as you let us know within 30 days. Back to Top

Do you offer recertification training?

Yep! We'll send you an automatic reminder when your recert is due-so there's no danger of letting it expire. Back to Top

How long does it take to get my wallet card?

We ship your card within 24-48 hours during normal business days (Monday thru Friday) after you pass the exam. It will get to you within one to two weeks at most-usually sooner. In the meantime, you will also receive a printable certificate of completion immediately upon passing. You are welcome to print off as many copies as you need and will be allowed to download a PDF of your certificate as well! Back to Top