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    Advanced CPR & First Aid Training

    Dr. Mary Williams, RN, DC

    About the author

    Dr. Mary Williams, RN, DC

    Dr. Mary Williams, R.N., D.C is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an extensive background as a Registered Nurse and experienced Core Instructor for the American Heart Association. She has over 30 years of hands-on medical and instructional experience.

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    Advanced CPR & First Aid Training

    When seeking employment in a health-care setting or when working in a job that puts you in contact with the public on a regular basis, you’ll want the best first aid and CPR training possible. An advanced CPR certification will make you stand out from others in you field and will give you confidence in your ability to provide emergency aid when needed. Here at CPR Certified, you can receive CPR and advanced first aid training online. Our online classes offer many benefits for the busy professional or student who wishes to learn the latest techniques, receive their certification card, or obtain recertification. Our courses offer many benefits, as they may be completed at your pace and according to your schedule. When you sign up for our training, you can start or stop at any hour on any day of the week. Our programs are developed and taught by AHA-certified instructors so that you know you’re being trained by some of the best. When you receive your CPR certification, you can take it wherever you move in the country, as it will be accepted nationwide and even in some overseas countries.

    Employment is only one of the reasons that people like yourself seek training in CPR and first aid. Everyday medical emergencies happen around the country and around the world. Possessing the knowledge and the ability to help stabilize, comfort, and otherwise provide aid to victims in need can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. CPR and advanced first aid training online is also invaluable when it comes to one’s family and loved ones. The ability to act quickly when someone stops breathing or suffers a stroke or a heart attack increases that person’s chances of survival and reduces the risk of complications that come from lack of oxygen to the brain.

    Learn Quickly So You Can Act Quickly

    To receive advanced CPR certification through CPR Certified, you’ll need to take one of our programs that are offered on our site. Our courses can take as little as 30 minutes to complete or as long as three hours. The certifications obtained from these classes last for two years before they expire. One option for advanced training is our adult CPR and AED course, which includes both child and infant CPR. This course teaches you how to respond in an emergency situation such as a drowning, a drug overdose, choking, or cardiac arrest. In each of these situations, it may fall on you to provide CPR and administer the appropriate type of first aid. This particular program also provides training on the AED, or automatic electronic defibrillator. Also known as an automatic external defibrillator, this is a device that is used to send an electrical pulse to one’s heart. This is done to restore the normal rhythm of one’s heart in people who suffer from arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythms that can cause sudden cardiac arrest. This course differs from our adult-only CPR and AED course, as it also offers CPR training for babies and infants.

    We are positive that you’ll benefit from receiving advanced first aid training online. Once you’ve successfully completed our program, you will be able to print out your CPR certification. A certification from CPR Certified follows the guidelines set by ILCOR, ECC, LCC-LCOR, and ARC. As a result, it should be accepted by most employers and professions that typically require CPR certification. How confident are we? We’re even willing to offer you a money-back guarantee if your card isn’t accepted. If you have any questions about how our training works or about what is involved in receiving advanced training over the Internet, contact us by email or by phone today.


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