Our Guarantee: Your Employer WILL Accept Our Card. (Or Your Money Back.)

We’re a Safe Bet.

When we say our card is accepted by more employers nationwide than any other, we mean it. We base our curriculum on the AHA standards and guidelines—and large nationwide healthcare organizations have taken an active hand in reviewing and shaping our programs.

In other words? Choosing us is the safest bet you can make in getting your CPR certification or recertification online.

We’re Pleased to Introduce Ourselves.

Not sure if your employer will accept our card? Let us give them a call. We’ll introduce ourselves, explain our program, and discuss your employer’s needs and expectations. In almost all cases, employers we call end the conversation by accepting our card. Start the process by getting in touch.

An Airtight Guarantee.

However, if your employer is one of the few who does not accept our card, just let us know within thirty days—and you’ll get a 100% reimbursement on the price you paid for the class. No fine print, no red tape—and no significant delays.