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Health and Medical Games


by Dr. Mary Williams, R.N. D.C.


The human body is an amazing network of different parts that all work together to keep us healthy. Our bones, internal organs, and blood make up the main structures of the body. Keeping yourself healthy is important, and good nutrition and exercise are important things to make sure you feel good every day. You can learn a lot about your health by discovering facts about healthy eating, staying physically fit, and understanding what different body parts do and the functions they serve. By learning about our body and health, we can have a much better and happier life.


  • Nutrition Sudoku: Learn all about healthy food options by playing this fun nutrition sudoku game.

  • Quintricious! Game: This interactive game helps you learn about the different food groups.

  • Mission Nutrition: Play this fun game to help you learn how to choose healthy, nutritious food options.

  • Matching Meals Memory Game: This game is a great way to help you remember which healthy foods you can eat to stay strong.

  • Blast Off Game: Reach Planet Power by fueling your rocket with healthy foods and exercise.

  • Food Groups Game: Drag the different foods to your plate in the right food group and wait for a surprise!

  • Power Up Your Breakfast: Play this game/quiz to learn why breakfast is such an important meal in your day.

  • Hunger Signals Game: Choose a character, then go through their day to understand hunger signals and how you can make the right eating choices when you're hungry.

  • Choose UR Chews: This game will help you build a better, more healthy meal.

  • Nutrition Cafe: This site has a few fun games dedicated to teaching you about healthy nutrition.


  • Real Fitness Games: This website offers many different fun games you can play that will help you stay fit.

  • Make an Indoor Bowling Set: Follow these instructions to make your very own indoor bowling set, and then bowl away. Be sure to ask your parents for permission to set this up first.

  • 7 Games to Get Kids Moving: Here are seven really fun games that will help to keep you active while having a blast doing it.

  • Staying Fit Word-O-Rama: This game will help you learn more about commonly used fitness terms.

  • Do a Spacewalk! Try out this fun fitness exercise to see how the astronauts train to do a spacewalk.

  • Fitness Challenge: You can practice your fitness skills by trying out the fitness challenge, in which you will complete ten different fitness activities.

  • Playfit Games & Activities: This page has plenty of great games and activities you can try out to help keep you moving and fit.

  • 5 Fun Indoor Fitness Ideas for Kids: This page has five great games you can play on rainy or cold days inside to help keep you fit.

  • Basketball Game: If you can't get outside to play basketball, have fun playing this online, interactive version instead.

  • Motion Commotion: Take this online quiz to help you figure out which physical activities you will like the best.


  • Quiz Your Noodle: The Heart: Take this online quiz to see how much you know about the body's central blood-pumper, the heart.

  • BLS Certification: Basic life support training is essential for health care workers and those in the medical field.

  • Skeletal System Game: With this game, you will learn all about the skeletal system by either labeling or assembling a human skeleton.

  • Moving and Growing Quiz: This quiz helps you to understand how the body works and the importance of our body parts.

  • The Five Senses Game: With this game, you will learn all about the five senses and which parts of your body are used for each sense, learn each sense's function, and discover how they are used in our everyday lives.

  • The Human Body Quiz Game: You can learn all kinds of interesting facts about the human body by playing this interactive, online quiz.

  • Amazing Journey: Pick a sense, skill level, and vehicle, and take an amazing journey through the body's different senses with a fun maze.

  • The Body Parts Pirate Game: When you play this game, you will use an interactive board game to discover what the pirate is seeking by learning how to pronounce some of the different parts of the body.

  • The Human Body/Human Skeleton Name Game: Solve the puzzle to learn about the different bones in the human skeleton.

  • Art & Spleen's Most Excellent Adventure: This interesting game includes short video clips to give you clues to determine which parts of the body they are.

  • The Body: Click on a body part to make it move or function and learn what it does.