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    Reviews & Testimonials

    Solid course content and excellent instructional videos.

    Luis M.California

    Online course was excellent. It allows the student to both read and view the info, as well as re-reading and re-checking without holding anyone up, as in a group-attended class.

    Rosalie S.New Jersey

    That's it?! Wonderful, insightful and easy to follow.

    Louann R.California

    It was easy, great, and free of errors. I knew exactly what to do!

    Tiffany L.Florida

    Great course very fast and lots of info. highly recommend to others.

    Charles W.West Virginia

    Like how it is set up and easy to understand.

    Pamela P.Florida


    Joan M.California

    Nice and easy. Very informative videos. I will let you know if this is accepted by the local school district.

    Scott C.Ohio

    Needed quick access to certification and you did it.

    Felicia PMississippi

    A very in-depth course that is well laid out and logical in its delivery.

    Jacob R.California

    The class was informative and easy to understand.

    Dennis H.California

    Was quick, easy, and I learned quite a bit.

    DeLynn A.Utah

    I'm surprised at how fast this was and how helpful the test was.

    Hiran P.Nevada

    Thank you for helping me become First Aid Certified. It was fun and very simple.

    Jaden H.Utah

    Efficient learning experience and use of time.

    Lu W.Arkansas

    It was great and very easy. I was able to see the videos and take the exam at my own pace.

    Jorge C.California

    Quick, easy and convenient! Thank you so much.

    Susan RCalifornia

    Very informative. Videos provided great detail on practical application of methods.

    Franklin C.Texas

    I signed up and was able to take the course in one evening in less than a few hours. Course and video's were well done and demonstrated each aspect of the training.

    Dana F.Ohio

    The customer service is great. I wrote an email and got the reply ASAP. Thanks to Ben who responded to my email on his weekend.

    Rana P.Virginia

    Clear, informative easy to follow & understand.

    Reisa DCalifornia

    Fast and efficient way to be certified!

    Michele B.Oregon

    Very informational. Great learning experience. Easy to do from home on my own time when convenient for me

    Rebecca M.Alabama

    Clear video, knowledgeable and very professional.

    Gina R.Washingtonville, NY

    Awesome CPR course. Very informative and easy to understand.

    Victoria B.Marysville, WA

    I really enjoyed the videos, very professional. Great experience from start to finish.

    Doug P.West Nyack, NY

    Thank you for making CPR certification quick and easy!

    Kia M. Huntertown, IN

    Good training taught me everything I need to know.

    Charles R. Sedona, AZ

    It was helpful to refresh skills needed to perform CPR.

    Mallory H.Seneca, SC

    Very clear and concise.

    Jordan S.Flossmoor, IL

    Very informational and easy to read and understand.

    Jennifer B.Red Springs, NC

    Very good. Its fast but all the information we need to know is provided.

    Keiryl D.Stockton, CA

    It took me less than an hour to do my recertification training and in my living room! So much more convenient than the all day Saturday classes at our dental office we had to sit through to get recertified.

    Laura M.Dental Assistant, Las Vegas, NV

    I really liked the videos. They were really well made and easy to understand. The training went really quickly and I passed both my cpr and first aid tests on my first try.

    Jared K.Firefighter, Manchester, NH

    I thought the videos were great. Very informative. I've taken recertification classes a lot and I actually learned new things! The explanations were very clear and well structured.

    Theresa P.LPN, Boston, Massachusetts

    This was the first time I got recertified online, so I was a little worried my employer wouldn't accept my card. But I didn't have to worry because they accepted it with no problems. I'll always do my recert online after this!

    Kris J.Lifeguard, Kansas City, Missouri

    I am such a huge fan of these videos. Dr. Williams always breaks things down so well. I also love how fast the training goes. Getting recertified is no problem on this site.

    Mark L.Volleyball Coach, Austin, Texas

    Got my certification. Passed the test the first time. Very happy with the classes, will definitely do this again.

    Philip G.CNA, Toronto, Canada